Viewing a property to rent can be both an exciting and stressful time. 

An experienced renter has already been through the process, possibly multiple times and would therefore know what they need to prioritise on a checklist. 

For the first time renter, what should be a fun and exciting experience can be quite daunting. Care needs to be taken before jumping headfirst into a lease agreement. Logic should outweigh emotions! 

Tenants should always view a property before signing the lease in order to ensure that they know precisely what they are renting and signing for. This is also vital so as to avoid rental scams. 

Tenants should establish what their needs are before viewing properties. For instance, what neighbourhood will suit their needs, how close it is to where they work, are there good schools for the kids? 

Now, to get down to practicalities, tenants should consider the following: 

    Does the property have an alarm system? Is there a neighbourhood security group? Are there burglar bars? Does the property have an electric fence? Check out the crime stats in the neighbourhood.
    Often tenants are so excited by the new property that they forget to check if their furniture will fit! Measure your large appliances and furniture before the viewing and take a tape measure with you to measure the spaces in the new rental. Moving day can be stressful enough without discovering that your furniture does not fit.
    Does the rental have prepaid electricity? This is always great to have as you can determine how much electricity you use. Is water etc. included?
    With many people working from home, this has become more important than before. Check if fibre is available in the complex or street and what the costs will be to have it installed if not already available.
    Establish how many allocated parking spaces there are to your unit.
    If it is a townhouse complex, check how well maintained the communal areas are. Check if you are responsible for your own grass cutting or if the body corporate takes care of it.
    Check the toilets and showers to ensure a good flow of water.
    Check if the built-in oven/hob works. If a gas hob, does it come with a gas bottle or do you have to supply your own bottle.
    This is not always possible to establish but it would be a good idea to visit the property at different times of the day. Check if your neighbours have noisy dogs. Check traffic noise if near an airport or busy road.

For the tenant to have a happy and relaxed and stress-free experience I think the guidelines are always a good idea to follow before choosing a property and signing a lease.

Source: Just Property