Changing The Face of Property


Danie and Johann van der Merwe are the visionaries behind WeconnectU, a rapidly growing property management software solutions company in South Africa.

Founded just two-and-a-half years ago. The company already boasts over 400 000 property units being managed on its cloud-based platforms. According to the Van der Merwe brothers, this exponential growth could not have happened without their team’s personal experiences in the property management industry and their commitment to solving the very real challenges they and their colleagues faced.

By the industry, for the industry Danie says the idea for WeconnectU was born out of their own frustrations managing a large portfolio of properties. “We were stuck using multiple systems to handle all the elements of our business, none of which integrated with any other or was designed with the specific workflows and challenges of property management in mind,” He says.

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“It was clumsy and inefficient for our teams, made it difficult for us to quantify and convey the value we were imparting to our clients and limited our ability to scale our business and our profits.” Unable to find a single, end-to-end software solution that is purpose-built for property management, Johann and Danie set their minds to solving the problem themselves.


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