Breaking Boundaries


Born out of unusual circumstances, Trevor Noah’s way into the world was astonishing to many. A life story is very rare to find. It still amazes people how everything about him is different from the rest. He is a son of a mixed-race couple that dated in the 1980s, at an intense era in South Africa, where mixed-race couples were prohibited by The Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act, Act No 55 of 1949.

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His mother, Nombuyiselo Patricia Noah’s drive to go for what she wanted, in a country where inequalities were rife and the race card dictated everything, is often made to relate to the life Trevor has portrayed while trying to make his name in the entertainment industry.

“She lived in a world where nothing was hers and she wanted her thing that she could love and that would lover her unconditionally,” said positive thinker, Trevor Noah. Speaking about what could have been in his mother’s mind when making a decision to date and have a child with a white man in an apartheid engulfed country. Noah says: “My mom, in that moment, only thought the government says I am not allowed to be with a white man and I will be with a white man. She is the example that I live my life by,” he said.

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