Ready to wrap up the year? There’s one more thing from Lightstone that you should read before you say goodbye to 2021: theLightstone Residential Property Index!

 This months’ Residential Property Index provides great insights which you are welcome to use within your own content at your discretion. Here are a couple of key highlights:

 National year-on-year house price inflation is at 4.6%, marking a third consecutive month under the 5% growth mark.

  • Inflation grew or remained steady in most provinces, with the exception of Mpumalanga which saw a slight decrease.
  • Prices in the Low Value segment continue to outgrow those in the higher value segments. The current inflation rate for this segment is currently at 9.6%, almost double that of the Mid Value segment (5.1%)

 Included, you will also find easy-to-read graphs and infographics. Here are a few examples of what you can share with your audience:

National Inflation (a decade’s snapshot):


Property Inflation: Freehold vs Sectional: