A selection of luxury family residences will be made available for renters, including one-bedroom apartments as well as two, three and four-bedroom luxury single and double storey homes, with an option of furnished units. “This range ensures that there is something for everyone considering a home at our City Centre, from established families to young professionals starting out in life,” says Giuseppe Plumari, CEO of Steyn City Properties.

The unique design of City Centre changed the face of urban living when it launched in October last year, not only for its creative design – with apartment buildings built as villages, each clustered around a beautifully treed piazza – but also for the exquisite, superior quality finishes which turn each home into the perfect confluence of luxury and comfort. High ceilings and wide passages are standard here, while bedrooms are large enough to accommodate king size beds, with space to spare.

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Every home is insulated to ensure privacy and peace, and air conditioning and double glazing making for excellent climate control. The compact appearance of these luxury homes belies their inner spaciousness, with highlights including private studies, TV lounges and, in some apartments, lifts. “There is no other development of this calibre in the area,” Plumari says with pride. “The City Centre stands out as a hallmark development in Johannesburg’s new north, outshining all others in this region.”

The City Centre’s security stands out as superior. While many families have been drawn to Steyn City because of measures such as biometric access, round the clock perimeter patrols and a fully equipped 24/7 security nerve centre, the City Centre builds on this with its own triple biometric access control and full time friendly security personnel.

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And where else in Johannesburg can you find apartment living which provides access to stunning recreational facilities that are available within 2000 acres of immaculate parklands, from the 300m beach-like lagoon to the 18-hole Nicklaus design championship golf course, a 45km floodlit promenade for jogging, a 50km MTB track, an indoor aquatic centre, a gym,  tennis courts, fishing dams, children’s play nodes and an equestrian centre, complete with clubhouse, and it’s easy to see why the development is a first choice for many families seeking a more secure alternative to life in Johannesburg. Nor is there any scrimping on accessibility: the forward thinking Steyn City Schools are on site, as well as AAA-grade offices at Capital Park and, for people wishing to skip the traffic, chartered flights are offered at the Ultimate Helistop.

Spring 2022 will be an especially exciting time at the City Centre, as it sees the development taking its first step to fulfilling the vision of creating bustling piazzas lined by eateries and retail with the opening of an Italian restaurant, along with the first retail outlets.

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Given the recent interest rate hikes, rentals are soon to become a more attractive option for families seeking a new space, Plumari predicts – and if they can sign on for longer than a year, so much the better, especially given that long-term rentals are the mid-point between flexibility and the establishment of a comfortable home base.

Plumari notes that many families are reluctant to go from a freestanding home to a luxury family apartment residence, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the weighing pressures of managing your own security and the costly and timely upkeep of ongoing maintenance. He points out that all homes at the City Centre have been envisaged as ‘forever homes’ rather than as stepping stones on the way to something larger. “We’re confident that once families opt for a taste of this new way of life, they will never opt to go back. It’s all about giving families more time for living and doing things they enjoy together, while someone else takes care of those tedious homeowners’ tasks. “This is convenient living at its very best, and our guess is that anyone who signs on as a tenant at the City Centre will shortly become a permanent resident,” Plumari concludes.

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