Because we understand the challenges business owners face, we take more risk and finance more established entrepreneurs than most financiers.


Our Property Fund caters to established entrepreneurs with a viable business who want to refinance or purchase their own premises, but may have limited capital or security to contribute, or may not want to compromise the business’ cash resources for the deposit. We also finance Residential property developments, Properties for student accommodation and Commercial property developments. You should choose our commercial property finance because:

  • In most cases, conventional financiers require a cash deposit before considering financing a property deal. The deposit amount depends on the risk appetite of the financier and deposits of up to 50% may be required.
  • We allow the business owner a choice of different financing options and can structure the deal by advancing up to 110% of the financing required, subject to terms and conditions.


Our Property Joint Venture Fund provides finance to established entrepreneurs looking to add multi- tenanted properties to their investment portfolio. We do this because we understand that multi-tenanted properties provide both capital appreciation and a rental income.

We co-invest in multi-tenanted property projects mainly in two instances:

  1. When a potential investor (established entrepreneur) is unable or unwilling to invest the full deposit (equity) required by a commercial lending institution.
  2. Where a viable property investment has been over-geared and needs a restructuring of the existing debt, converting debt finance to equity finance.


We provide finance to established entrepreneurs with viable small and medium enterprises in the green industries that endeavour to enhance the environment, reduce carbon emissions, adopt renewable energy technologies. Green industries considered include Energy, Waste, and Water sectors.

Businesses we finance under the Green Outcomes Fund

We consider financing for businesses that limit or prevent harm to the natural environment compared to conventional alternatives. These are businesses that:

  • Actively develop, manufacture, and/or provide goods and services that have positive environmental benefits.
  • Seek to implement or are implementing measures and/or technology for sustainable energy, waste, and water practices.
  • Adopt and/or are receptive towards green innovations and broader eco-industry, including greener properties.
  • Are less polluting and/or use all-natural resources in a more sustainable manner.
  • Recycle more of their wastes and products.
    Handle residual wastes in a more acceptable manner.

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