Resident Experts

Meet your Resident Expert

REI provides hand-picked resident experts who help you to master the tough lessons. Leverage the experience and expertise of real estate investors and professionals who have mastered the up’s and down of many markets and economies. Our team of real estate experts have proven success across many areas of real estate and all share a passion for helping other investors succeed.

Carlo Mariani

Property Coach

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  • Raising money from private investors: Click here


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Scott Picken

Global Real Estate Investment Specialist

  • Why you Should Invest Offshore & How you can Complete the Entire Transaction Online: Watch now!


Wayne van der Vent

Commercial Property Investment Specialist

  • Online Transaction Platforms & Tech Enabled Brokerages: Click here


  • New Take on an Old Tradition | The rise of multigenerational living: Watch now!
  • Become faster, smarter & better | The value of proptech as an entrepreneur, landlord & tenant: Watch now!

Sean Thomson

UK Property investment specialist

  • Preparing your mindset for Wealth | How to become a successful UK property investor: Click here
  • Show me the money | Basic cash flow strategies for UK investors:
    You don’t need money to make money | Capital-raising & money-movement strategies: Click here
  • Building your UK Power Team | How to safely invest in offshore real estate when you’re stuck in SA: Click here

    Johann van der Merwe

    Property Management Software specialist



    Michelle Dickens

    Property Rental & Credit Specialist

    • Rental yields on the decline as affordability continues to be an issue: Click here


    • Data availability, transparency & efficiency: Watch now!
    • Investment returns available in the property sector currently: Watch now!

    Jaco Grobbelaar

    Residential Property Investment Specialist

    • 8 Lessons from investment legend Warren Buffet: Click here
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    Alan van der Westhuizen

    Flexible workspace specialist


    • How to invest in the workspace revolution: Click here


    • The future of the office: Watch now!
    • The state of the South African commercial property market: Watch now!

    Cilna Steyn

    Residential & Commercial Eviction Specialist


    • Legal Compliance Solutions | Data & Analytics: Watch now!

    Nick Morgan

    Alternative Investment Specialist

    • Opportunity in the time of uncertainty: Click here