What is PropTech? Property technology, also simply known as PropTech, can be defined as the usage of technology and software to assist in today’s real estate needs – like Preferental does.

As we live in a world where technology evolves every day, the Preferental team strives to do the same to provide our property owners with the best experience possible in their rental property investment journeys.

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Why do you need to care about PropTech?

  1. Platform Integrations makes management easier
  • Saving you time  – With Preferental you only need to list your property once on your dashboard and it will automatically be live on all the leading listing websites within minutes, ensuring maximum exposure to millions of tenants.
  • Saving you money  – By showing your own property to prospective tenants you can save thousands in placement fees. Interested tenants and landlords are introduced via our system, providing an opportunity to schedule a viewing among themselves via our WhatsApp integration.
  • And when you’re ready to remove your property from listing portals, you only have to click ‘Stop Advertisement’ once and it will remove your property from all the listing portals. 
  1. Single Customer View
  • Having a single view of your portfolio health can give you an indication of whether you’re managing your portfolio effectively or not.
  • Having access to lease information at the click of a button.
  • Easily make contact with tenants or service providers directly from your dashboard.
  • Key information can make managing your property so much simpler.
  1. Always have access to any records that you might need for any future possible disputes
  • With a digital audit trail you always have transparency of any activity related to your property and when certain transactions were processed. 
  • Lease agreements, inspection reports, property information, property photography, tenant details, utility invoices, maintenance requests, and so much more, is information you can have on your portfolio at any given time.

At Preferental, we aim to keep on investing in technology to provide our landlords with exceptional property management experiences. We believe that PropTech not only changes the way we manage our existing portfolios but can also empower us to sell our portfolios and build generational wealth. Our vision is to build integrated value added services that empower landlords to manage their properties more efficiently at a fraction of the price traditional management services would cost. PropTech is the way forward and definitely one which we will use to continually add value for our landlords.

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