With Covid regulations lifted, on-site show days of homes for sale are experiencing a resounding revival, and for good reason, says Pam Golding Properties, as this is one of the best ways to expose a property to the active buying market.

As a result, Pam Golding Properties is hosting a national Show Day Showcase which will see homes for sale around the country ‘on show’ on 28 August and 18 September 2022.

Says Dr Andrew Golding, chief executive of the Pam Golding Property group: “While we continue to encourage hand sanitation and social distancing while viewing – for health and safety reasons, both buyers and sellers have welcomed back show days, as there is nothing like physically viewing a property in order to get a feel for the home as well as the neighbourhood, without being time-pressured. Show days also create a buzz of activity and competition among buyers.

“Meanwhile, sellers like the convenience of being able to showcase their property to a large group of potential buyers at the same time. We also find that other, potential sellers in the area value the opportunity to be able to pop into a house On Show in the vicinity to talk to the estate agent about property trends in their suburb and find out what nearby homes are listing and selling for.

“Interestingly, neighbours are often the best ambassadors for their suburb, doing a ‘selling job’ for the area as they themselves are invested in the community and ownership of property, so they are welcome as they can provide first-hand insights into the local amenities, including schools, shopping facilities and neighbourhood watch.”

Says Gareth Bailey, Pam Golding Properties area manager for Durban Coastal: “Nothing beats the opportunity to appraise a property for sale in real life with all your senses as you gain a feel for its position relative to the natural environment, neighbouring properties, roads and so on, and can also assess the internal design and layout to envisage whether it suits your own requirements. With most show days held on Sundays, it’s also an ideal occasion when families are together and have the time to view and consider their options as a unit, and can then picture themselves living in the home.”

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Adds Dr Golding: “We certainly find that prior to embarking on show day visits, buyers in general have already done their homework online, and whittled down their choice of neighbourhood prior to actually visiting homes for sale, with some having a preferred shortlist to view. Although they may still be at the start of their buying journey, they are usually well informed and provide agents with valuable feedback regarding their price expectations and what they are prepared to pay.

“Importantly, there are also legal consequences to buying a property without actually viewing it, as much of the law regarding the sale of immovable property has evolved out of the concept of taking delivery or transfer of the property in the same condition in which you physically viewed the property.”

Says Greta Daniel, national sales and operations manager for Pam Golding Franchise Services: “The value of show days is that a professional and knowledgeable agent can service the mix of contemplative interest and urgency to buy among attending, potential buyers. Property knowledge can be imparted to contemplating buyers and if relevant, be guided to a more suitable area, or serious buyers can immediately be provided with comparative information.”

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Samantha Nel and Shelly Keys, area managers for Pam Golding Properties in the Western Cape add: “Show houses have always been a popular way of viewing property for the prospective purchaser. It is convenient too, for the seller, as they only need to tidy and prepare their house once for multiple buyers, who can catch a glimpse of life in the neighbourhood in an unrushed viewing experience. Furthermore, the first two weeks a property is on the market helps determine the market’s response to price. All activities, from the very first viewing, along with all show day feedback, provide a very good medium for assessing price. Post-Covid, we find that there are far fewer ‘browsers’, and that prospective buyers are definitely more serious. Some of our agents even estimate that approximately 30-40% of their sales are as a direct result of show houses.”

A few tips for preparing your home for a show day:

  • Take the time to tidy your home and ensure it is uncluttered, and open windows and doors for a fresh, expansive feel
  • It’s best to go out for the afternoon, leaving your agent to deal with potential buyers who then feel free to look around and ask questions
  • Keep pets in a secure place away from visitors and lock away any valuables.

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