Taurai Jack and Retha van Rooyen were two worlds apart with a vast difference in background and upbringing, but their paths led them to the same middle-class trap and have now put them on the same journey into the future. They came together from being everyday employees to becoming property moguls. Both of them have been exposed to working long hours, forced to sacrifice family time and work extra hard to make their bosses rich, and still ending up broke at the end of the month.

They knew they had to figure out a way to add some passive income to their salaries. By the time they eventually decided to start collaborating, Jack and his wife had lost R5 million in bad debt through the loss of their chicken farm and Van Rooyen was still an employee dinosaur stuck in a consulting firm. They knew things had to change.

Why Property? They met in a property investment class on a cold winter morning one weekend, where they learned about new concepts such as flipping, buy to let, no money down deals and other mind-blowing property investment strategies.


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