Trend Savvy Property Investors Can Leverage


What Global Trends can Property Investors Leverage? A Connected Global Village & the Call of Africa COVID-related lockdowns have created a global village that is more connected digitally than ever before. While South Africa has always been an alluring short-visit travel destination, it now also appeals as an extended stay destination to those who can remain for longer because they can work remotely. Property investors can tap into the potential offered by both short- and long-stay accommodation demands from the international community. Look for property features that align with a discerning resident/ tenant:

• Environmentally efficient

• Digitally enabled/ smart

• Secure

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Well-appointed for a Comfortable Lifestyle Secondly, technology is delivering property-investment opportunities through property platforms that facilitate real estate investment anywhere in the world, for prices sometimes as low as $1 000 (R14 230,30). An example of this is Wealth Migrate.



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