Experienced. Trusted. Proven. “If it’s worthwhile doing, it’s worth doing well.” This is the quote that Pieter Feenstra often repeats to his young and dynamic team at the Feenstra Group in South Africa. Another, more tongue-in-cheek one is: “Be careful when euphoria is everywhere – even turkeys can fly in a hurricane.”

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Feenstra’s career commenced as a consulting structural engineer. He was also the founder of TFMC, which is nationwide and has regional offices in all provinces. He formed the Feenstra Group which focuses on Commercial, Student accommodation, Inner city and Residential real Estate development.

As the Group’s Chairman and Founder, Pieter Feenstra has over 30 years of experience in property development and management. His first property development project evolved out of his consulting work as a structural engineer, during which time he worked closely with several property developers and developed a fascination for the industry. Feenstra explains that this led him to eventually take the plunge and sell his consulting firm to focus exclusively on property.



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