Nearly one in five (19%) South African adults think property will be the best performing investment this year. That puts property in third place as an investment choice for South Africans, behind stocks (24%) and cryptocurrency (21%), but ahead of cash (18.9%), NFTs (7%), bonds, or commodities (5% each).

This is according to the recent Retail Investor Sentiment Report from who conducted an online survey of 39 573 adults globally across 26 countries, including 1204 South Africans.

 Interestingly, South African women are considerably more bullish on property than men, with 23% of women saying property will be the best asset class compared to just 16% of men.

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 On the global front, the French are the most likely to be bullish on property this year (43%), followed by Austrians (33%), Australians (31%) and Chileans (30%), while on the other end of the spectrum, Japan are the most bearish (8%), followed by Turks (12%), Indians (12%), Brazillians (13%) and Hong Kongese (14%).

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