These days it seems as though every financial news channel that you open is talking about Section 12J investing. This means investors are finally realising the benefits of the tax incentive that was introduced back in 2009 by SARS and the South African Treasury.

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) is giving all South African taxpayers the opportunity to write off up to R2.5million in taxable income (R5million if you are a company) in the 2022 tax year! Its important to note that if you have paid the tax on the income already you will get a full tax refund (in your bank account), and if you are yet to earn the income you will avoid paying tax on the future income.

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Section 12J specialists, Flyt Property Investment unlocks this tax-saving when you invest in one of their property developments through their Section 12J Fund. Here, you decide whether you want to own a specific property outright or want to partner with Flyt on a group of properties.





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