It all started at age 10 when Musk developed an interest in computing, an interest that was influenced by his father who was an African electromechanical engineer, a pilot, and a sailor. At the age of 12, Musk was already a self-taught computer programmer. He created his first video game, codes of which he sold to PC and Office technology magazine for $500. This was all before he attained his University qualifications, signalling that his prosperity lies not in formal education, but in the ability to invent the unimaginable.

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Describing himself, Musk says “I think I have an extremely high innate drive, which has always been evident in my life growing up. As a kid, I always did risky things that when I ask myself now as a grown man why, I cannot even answer,” he says.

Musk’s drive to always test situations by “attempting” has always been prompted by his ability to think critically and analyse possible outcomes while paying less attention to the fear and anxiety of the unknown. He says the ability to think critically is, amongst others, “the reason I am where I am today,” and that critical thinking makes it easy to put things into perspective.


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