Living in a secure neighbourhood and community and being able to quickly reach out for assistance in case of emergency is possibly now the number one consideration for homeowners and property buyers.

According to the Seeff Property Group the desire for a more secure lifestyle is the key reason for the immense growth in security complexes and estates. Buyers are looking for security and they want to live in neighbourhoods where communities work together to improve safety.

Kerri Cross, director and founder of Hout Bay Community Crime Prevention that in an area such as Hout Bay the rapid rise in crime was becoming concerning. This prompted her to set up the Hout Bay Community Crime Prevention initiative, but more was needed to rally the community in time of needs such as when there is a missing person or a fire for example.

As a mother of two daughters, Mrs Cross says the ability to connect quickly with emergency services and neighbours is vital. Although WhatsApp and Facebook Groups are useful, these can get bogged down with everyday neighbourly issues like lost cats and dogs.

She realised that something more was needed because when a crisis strikes in a community, you need a quick and effective response. Together with her partner, Jessica Boonstra, also a mother of three, they conceptualised the need for a simple phone app, and the Buzzer App was created.

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The App is available on IOS and Android with no cost to the end-user. It uses smart GPS technology to pinpoint your precise location. It requires no airtime and minimal data and offers a one-button solution.

Starting off in Hout Bay, the Buzzer App is now available in over 300 neighbourhoods from Cape Town to Plettenberg Bay with more suburbs coming on board every month, she says.

The successes experienced have been phenomenal, from quick reaction and response leading to arrests to saving lives by locating missing persons. There is no need to search for contact details. All you need to do is to quickly reach out via the Buzzer App on your mobile phone.

The App works with your local Neighbourhood Watch or Security Provider. One button allows you to report many incidents, from crime or medical emergencies to wildlife and municipal service issues. It sends out the call to the right responders and alerts neighbours when needed such as in the case of a missing person for example.

Buzzer is and downloadable on Apple Store, Google Play and Huawei App store. Contact your Neighbourhood Watch or Security Provider to check if it is available in your neighbourhood or liaise with Buzzer App via phone on 087 095 7260 or visit

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