Moving homes can be a stressful and overwhelming task. There are so many things to remember to take care of both on the day as well as in preparation for the move. To make sure everything runs smoothly, homeowners are encouraged to create a detailed plan of action so that things do not get overlooked during the process.

While this might sound like a lot of additional administrative work, Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, explains that many real estate professionals will have resources to help simplify the process. “We have a moving day checklist that our agents can print out and share with their clients to help make the day a little less stressful,” he explains.

Unpacking some of the items that can be found on this checklist, Goslett explains that there are several things homeowners will need to arrange before the actual moving day. “When moving homes, it is important to give any household service providers advanced notice of the change of address to ensure that the services are either cancelled or transferred in time for the move,” he notes.

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Examples of these services include:

  • Post office & other delivery services
  • Magazines / newspaper subscriptions
  • Household insurance
  • DSTV subscription
  • Security company
  • Household staff (garden service / domestic worker)

There are also several other aspects that homeowners may overlook in preparation for the move. “Many forget to check with their insurance agent on their coverage of car & household goods en route to their new home. It is good to know what you are covered for in case of theft or an accident en route to the new home.”

For those with chronic medical conditions, Goslett also recommends finding a new doctor in the area ahead of the move. “It can also help to have medical prescriptions refilled ahead of the move so that you have enough while you unpack your home and search for a new pharmacy,” he suggests.

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On moving day itself, homeowners can consider some of the items listed on the RE/MAX Moving Day checklist, which include:

  • Draw cash to pay the movers if that was their preferred payment option.
  • Drop off young children and pets at a friend/relative for the bulk of the move.
  • Dispose of trash at the local dump so the new owners don’t arrive to full bins.
  • Turn off your geyser or heat pump before leaving.
  • Switch off all lights before leaving.
  • Do a final walk through, checking all cupboards and corners for anything left behind.
  • Check the post box for any last mail.

Once everything is moved, there is seldom enough energy left to unpack everything you need. That’s why Goslett recommends keeping a box or two in your car with all the belongings you will need on your first few nights in your new home. “It is also a good idea to prepare a few frozen meals that can simply be reheated after the move.”

While moving homes can feel overwhelming, the process can be simplified when you have the right real estate professional at your side. “Real estate agents are there to help simplify the process of buying and selling. They have seen many clients through the process of moving homes and can offer some great tips and advice on how to get through the day smoothly. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your upcoming move, reach out to your local RE/MAX office and seek out some free advice,” Goslett concludes.

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