This sentiment is shared by Head of Partnership Growth SA at IWG, Alan van der Westhuizen. For Alan, boundless visionaries who excel in the work they do ignite his spark to work hard to keep the standard of his work extremely high. “Big thinkers that can bring innovative ideas to the table excite me, being able to see the opportunity and to activate it motivates me and planet-friendly, sustainable ideas motivate me as well.”

Coworking has not always been alienated from human nature. It has always been common amongst people either in group projects at the same workplaces like with Van der Westhuizen who has co-worked with an acquaintance for more than twenty years in the food and beverages sector, where he co-managed the day-to-day running of the restaurant. “After a number of years abroad working in the hospitality industry, I returned to SA to join a friend and founder of News Café who had just opened his first store in Pretoria.

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Fournews was formed in 1996 and I was responsible for franchise development in the group since its inception. My skills vary and range from strategic and operational management to the financial analysis of franchise brands and more recently into the development of new brands. I was also responsible for the appointment of operational management and have, over the past twenty years, assembled teams that display the same passion, enthusiasm, and determination that I do.”





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