Terms & Conditions


Standard terms and conditions for advertising with Reale Activation Pty Ltd

Agreement of an order

1.Advertisers are responsible for supplying all their own digital material including design, copy and content, unless otherwise agreed. A spec sheet will be provided to the advertiser/agency.
2.All material must reach REImag, at least 3 working days before the campaign is due to go live
3.REIMag can, at its discretion, reject an advertisement if it is deemed to be untruthful or objectionable in subject matter or wording or unsuitable for any other reason.
4.The onus lies with the advertiser to ensure that their advertisements/content have been proof-read for all type and contact details
5.All changes / corrections must be in writing (email).
6.No changes to advertisements appearing in REI publications will be accepted once publication/ production has commenced.
7.Bookings cancelled 30 days or less before publication date of issues noted on the booking form, will be charged 50% cancellation fee.
8.The advertiser indemnifies REImag against any claim by any third party
arising out of the design, form, content, copyright infringement or other attributions of the advertisement
9.Reale Activation is able to assist with the creation of new material at an additional fee.

Terms of Payment

10. Advertising rates are quoted per insertion and exclusive of VAT.
11. Payment due on presentation of invoice, unless otherwise agreed.
12. All PO, CI are to be supplied within 5 days of signed booking forms.
13. All accounts unpaid after 30 days from date of invoice are subject to 2% interest on monthly overdue accounts, refer ACT NO24 of 2005.
14. Rate excludes agency commission, therefore if agency commission is charged, commission to be added to the published rates
15. If a campaign is cancelled after the campaign has commenced, the advertiser will be charges 100% cancelation fee.